Need help moving queen mattress and box spring from san jose to mt. View. Should take less than an hour pays $40 408-665-5089. Ad number: #384804058 Contact: Gregory Hensley City: San Jose, CA Zip: 95117 Price: Will pay $40
As a business owner in Sunnyvale, you understand how important it is to create a budget and stick to it. Businesses in our service area are always looking for ways to stay cost-effective. With Self Storage Sunnyvale, you can maximize your business space without breaking the bank. Ad number: #384245590 Contact: El Camino Self Storage City: Santa Clara, CA Zip: 95050 Price: -
Whether you are moving to San Jose or creating more space at home Access Self Storage San Jose wants to help make it happen. Our storage units give you extra space for storing and organizing all of your boxes, bins, and bags in one place. You ll have 24-hour access to your unit whenever you need anything, and your storage unit will always be there whenever you need to make room at home for othe...
There s a good chance that most residences and businesses in Clark, NJ deal with clutter, whether it s on a desk or in a closet. Unfortunately, many people move their clutter into self storage only to let everything become an unorganized mess over time just like it was before. If you do not want to deal with clutter in your unit Access Self Storage near me has a few home and business storage ti...
27-Oct-2018Oakland, CA+26 milesMoving Services
Yellow airport cab is the premier taxi-cab provider to all airports in Oakland, San Francisco. Yello airport Taxi in Orinda provides fast, reliable and timely taxi service to us every customer at all bay area airports. Yellow Airport Taxi in Orinda is available round the clock and 24/7.
SPA MOVERSWe will relocate or dispose of your spa: Any brand, size or shape, new or old. All access from the backyard to the street, spa in-deck, in-ground, uphill, downhill, uneven ground, and steps. We can go all terrains, with our customized Spa Dollies.Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed !Call now !! (408) 903-8633 SPAS HOT TUB FOR SALE:Tiger River / Hot Spring Spa Delivered - $2000 (san j...
18-Oct-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
We are living EV at on campus, we have plenty of storage place in the apartment. if you like to keep your luggage bags for 3 mnths let us Know.
17-Oct-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
Need a pair of strong folks: I'm moving 1 very large couch (89" x 40") and a smaller couch (60" x 40") into my second floor apartment. The stairwell is wide enough, the door is standard sized at a perpendicular angle. The large couch should fit, but will require going at a diagonal upward angle (somewhat tricky). I can't estimate the weight that well other than to say, its pretty heavy. Again, ...
17-Oct-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
Hi, I will be moving to Seattle in June and am looking to share a uhaul to defray the cost. Please email me if you are interested.
17-Oct-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
Storage for the ENTIRE SUMMER until Sept 18ish (when you have to move into dorms)-- $80 Storage for just a MONTH-- $45 Storage per week-- $20 A bunch of stanford students are living in a house in menlo park near the safeway off of sand hill rd and we have a locked garage that we are using for storage space. We are charging really low prices for storing your stuff. And we are super flexible if y...
17-Oct-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
Hello, I'm a grad student moving soon, and I need help moving a heavy wooden desk out of my room in an apartment (on Ramona, off of downtown Palo Alto) and onto the back of my pickup. Unfortunately there are no strong people around available to help me, and I can't do it alone. I will compensate you $12 for the chore. A student with strong upper body strength would be helpful (preferably male)....
17-Oct-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
If you are moving and need to rent a pickup, contact me.
27-Sep-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
I need to move a bed (queen mattress and box frame) this Friday morning from Menlo Park to Oak Creek Apartments (the drive is probably 5-7 minutes between residences). I'm willing to pay someone $30 to let me borrow their truck between 10:30 am and 12 pm. Please let me know if you are willing to lend me your truck. I'm also willing to pay an additional $15 for help with the move.
27-Sep-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
Hi, We need help moving a heavy grill and a somewhat heavy box up 2 flights of stairs in our apartment. 2 relatively strong people should be able to move them without much of a problem. We live just off campus behind EV, so please email me if you are interested. $15 per person. Thanks!
27-Sep-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
Hi, We need your help moving a heavy grill and a somewhat heavy box up 2 flights of stairs in our apartment. 2 relatively strong people should be able to move these without any problem. Our apartment is just behind EV, so please email me if you are interested in helping out. We'll pay $15 per person and it shouldn't take more than ten minutes of your time. Thanks!
27-Sep-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
I need 2 responsible, non-scary guys to help me move my one bedroom, flat level apartment to a two story 2 bedroom apartment. Only thing that really needs to be hauled up the stairs of the new apartment is some boxes of clothes and mattress. I don't have any seriously heavy items, and I think loading and unloading will take approx 2-4 hours. I am renting a UHAUL and dolly. stanford.edu email ad...
27-Sep-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
Hey Are you moing within Bay area from/to Stanford? I am here to help, transport your stuff (only transport not packing/unpacking). Me: Stanford grad, Cal licence holder, zipcar account holder. Will bring a zipcar as per your needs: van, truck, suv or a normal car. Price of service: zipcar cost(7.5-15$/hour) + my time (35$/hour)
27-Sep-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
okay so are you moving out and low on time? do you have a ton of stuff to get rid of? furniture you need to take to goodwill or trash you need help throwing out? my job is to help you get the job done in as little time as possible. i charge 25/hr to help you declutter and get rid of stuff. if it's a 2 person job we charge 50/hr together. thanks so much!
27-Sep-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
Need assistance moving boxes, books, and shoji screen walls from Lantana (Manzantita) to Florence Moore Hall on: Wednesday, Sept. 12 8 a.m. to ten a.m. Willing to pay $20 for regular car (i.e, I have to manually haul the walls from Manzantia) or $40 for a truck (The walls can fit on the back of the truck). Please contact, XXXX@stanford.edu
9-Sep-2018Stanford, CA+14 milesMoving Services
If you are moving and need to rent a pickup, contact me.
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