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last weekSunnyvale, CA+12 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
I am looking to see if anyone has a sewing or craft table to give away. I am looking for the kind that can be folded back, similar to the pics but need not be exactly the same. I have very little space at home and not having a space for me to cut fabric is keeping me away from my favorite hobby. Thanks in advance!
days agoCampbell, CA+18 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
I will be participating in the upcoming Campbell Garage Sale on October 9th and need a couple of cheap folding card tables.
days agoAlameda, CA+22 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Looking for a ping pong table that is local to alameda for easy transport. Have been scouring Craigslist for a couple of months but everything has been too far away. Hoping someone has an extra working table they don t use anymore.
Looking for a table saw in any condition. Thank you.
days agoSan Jose, CA+15 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
If anyone has a table saw taking up space I can put it to good use. Thanks.
seating for 6, thank you so much for your help!
over a month agoMountain View, CA+12 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
I'm looking for a patio umbrella, base, and table. Poor condition is fine as long as it appears to be usable or reparable. Thanks!
over a month agoBelmont, CA+19 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
We broke the glass table top! If you have a glass top or a whole patio table we will take it off your hands : )
over a month agoMenlo Park, CA+14 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Hi there! I'm trying my hand at glass art and would love to upcycle old picture frames or windows. Let me know if you have a glass picture frame, window, tables, shower door, etc I can take off your hands!
over a month agoMountain View, CA+12 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
does anyone have a ping pong net they dont use any more . maybe from broken table?
days agoPiedmont, CA+25 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Seeking furniture for creating outdoor classroom spaces at Oakland Tech s Upper Campus! Looking for sturdy furniture that can handle the weather, i.e. picnic tables, outdoor chairs and tables, shade/rain canopies, shade sails, garden planters and tools, etc. Thank you for considering!
I have a cat that will not stay off sideboards, tables, etc. as she wants to be on higher things! I'd like to try a cat tree and see if she likes that!
days agoPiedmont, CA+25 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Looking for outdoor tables, picnic tables, chairs, shade sails, shade umbrellas, shade canopies, planters, gardening tools (etc!) to create creative outdoor learning spaces at our public high school, Oakland Tech Upper Campus. Thank you for considering!
over a month agoAlameda, CA+22 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Looking for pink paint. Doing the walls (3wall) light pink -think white with a sprinkle of pink. Dinning table warm pink. Paint or spray plant pot any shade of pink.
over a month agoSanta Clara, CA+13 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Just moved into an apartment complex where they only allow ELECTRIC barbecue grills on the patios. Looking for one on a pedestal, as opposed to table top due to space restrictions. Please contact and send photo if you have one. Thank you!
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