14-Feb-2018Stanford, CA(15 miles)Pet fish for sale
Selling two 10-gallon fish tanks. $60 each. Each comes with a 100w heater, gravel, decorations, undergravel filter, fake plants, thermometer. Have 1 fish net, 2 fish bowls, and left over food (each tank held 1 betta). One of the tanks has a light and a cover. A cover for the other tank can easily be purchased on Amazon. The images are accurate except that I replaced the real plants pictured wit...
Variety of colors and sizes of Koi fish for sell. You can message for pictures at 408-758-2019
14-Feb-2018Stanford, CA(15 miles)Pet fish for sale
Photos to come soon (out of town, email me and I'll send you them) 40 gallon breeder tank Fluval six External Canister Filter Heater Fan (don't really know what this is called but it circulates water) Really good lighting system
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